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Poet’s Brunch – A photo Essay by June Perkins

Recently Licuala hosted a poet’s brunch at the Mission Arts, Opening Expo. The stall co-ordinator for the whole event was Sally Moroney. Licuala’s contributions were organised by Tara Webster.  Many of our members participated in the day as did some … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Challenge

Kate Campbell-Lloyd is back reporting on Book Creator’s Circle Meetings, this time she shares the inspiring story of JULIE GROSSMAN. Julie  (Guest speaker at the June BCC conferencing @ Trade Winds on the Veranda) met Megan Bayliss at the Rape … Continue reading

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Empty Chairs to … Caring Chairs

Photo Credit: By June Perkins – Book Creators Circle July Meeting: One of  Next Month’s Presenters and this month’s Chair, Hazel Menehira An empty chair for writers who don’t have freedom was carefully placed at the head of the table … Continue reading

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Winds of Words – Book Creator’s Circle Meeting in Cairns continued

  Kate Campbell-Lloyd, guest blogging for Licuala Writers. Kate Campbell-Llyod grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for loya cane … Continue reading

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Launching Under One Sky, first book of Licuala Writers – May 5th 2011

A Guest Blog by Jennifer Morton Production Team of Under One Sky: image by Lydia Valeriano. Tara Webster, June Perkins, Daryl Dickson, Sal Badcock, & Pam Galeano It was an evening full of words: spoken words, sung words and most … Continue reading

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After Yasi

After Yasi © Pamela Galeano – March 2011 I was tired of the monsoon Exhausted by the monsoon Grey with the monsoon Today I feel a change A cool change A dry change Blue arches over me New greens kiss … Continue reading

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David Conley, co-author of Daily Miracles, Visits Licuala Writers

Picture 1: David Conley with some of the Licuala Writers Our session ended with a sparkly hat, shaped like a star fish, an octopus – jingling and ringing, smelling like damp felt, and began with an information session about the … Continue reading

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