Licuala Writers meets monthly, with occassional recesses over the holidays.  Please make contact before attending meetings to confirm venue and times.

Goals are as follows: to provide a forum for writers to meet and discuss their work, to promote development of writers in the Mission Beach/Tully area, to encourage members to have their work published and to enhance members understanding of the writing industry.

Meetings are informal in nature but when opportunity arises the group will be organising special workshops for members.

Licuala writers are plannning a word event for Sept 2009 and an anthology for 2010.


About pearlz

Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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One Response to About

  1. pearlz says:

    Your feedback on face to face meetings is appreciated. We meet once a month where possible. Occassionally not enough people can make meetings to make them viable so we look forward to new members to strengthen our gruop. We are also interested in perhaps meeting every two months in Mission Beach if there was enough interest.

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