The Ultimate Challenge

word wall

Photo Credit: June Perkins, Word Wall

Kate Campbell-Lloyd is back reporting on Book Creator’s Circle Meetings, this time she shares the inspiring story of JULIE GROSSMAN.

Julie  (Guest speaker at the June BCC conferencing @ Trade Winds on the Veranda) met Megan Bayliss at the Rape Crisis Center where they developed a client based relationship. During this time Megan discovered that Julie’s dream was to be a writer when she grew up.

Julie came back into Megan’s life many years later and the first thing that Megan remembered to ask her was “how’s your writing going?”

This led to an invitation by Megan to begin daily ‘healing life work’ writing between each other. Julie intimates that there is a dark voice in there in her writing, but it has a personable voice.

Julie’s father was analytic and her mother artistic. She loves writing words and she writes whenever it comes to her. Carrying pen and paper everywhere and if that’s not around, using her hand to script on while developing her new book; just so she catches her thoughts and doesn’t forget!

Julie has advice to share as a writer; born out of twenty years of writing. She recommends having pen and paper or tape recorder on you at all times so you can write when you need to write. Have no embarrassment and be honest “my writing can make you shiver in your own skin.”

Julie writes with other like minded persons in mind, creating and inspiring others who have been abused, to come forward for help. Something is triggered that enables you to write about something that’s been too hard to write about or share. This writing for life is experiential and comes out of our real daily life.

Julie writes for herself and asks us who we write for? With passion you can evoke the ‘raw’ expressing deep feelings, if you write unedited.

Her mystical poem the ‘Golden Eye’ has been birthed in this manner. Editing and printing are easy she advices us, but to carry paper and pen around in your pocket and use it to catch the words that come in unexpected moments; that is the ultimate challenge!


Kate Campbell-Lloyd

Kate Campbell-Lloyd grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for rainforest Loya Cane to weave into baskets.  She is a Cranio-Sacral therapist using Ross Emmett & Tom Bowen’s muscle management techniques. Teaching basket weaving Writing Bio-Dynamic gardening, & singing are her passions.

(c) Kate Campbell-Lloyd, all rights reserved.


About June

Author empowering multicultural community and social change through inspiring multi-arts & intercultural stories
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1 Response to The Ultimate Challenge

  1. Tara says:

    So true! I have the pen and notebook now, but still nothing written in there! I have to now remember it is there and write. Great profile Kate, keep up the good work!

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