After Yasi

After Yasi

© Pamela Galeano – March 2011

I was tired of the monsoon

Exhausted by the monsoon

Grey with the monsoon

Today I feel a change

A cool change

A dry change

Blue arches over me

New greens kiss my eyes

Yellow light floods my body

Flirting birdwings brush my skin

And my soul sings

So our writers reflect on life after Yasi.  This piece by Pam reflects the hope that comes from acknowledging the new greens.  We have the solace of the returning animals and the capacity to be optimists.


About June

Author empowering multicultural community and social change through inspiring multi-arts & intercultural stories
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2 Responses to After Yasi

  1. Jennifer Downs says:

    I was so happy to attend the opening of the launch of the Anthology – Under One Sky last night. I was awed by the talent of your group, but especially pleased to see the joy you all share in loving the written word. I could see how your shared passion that brings you all together provides a valuable network of community and support that is especially relevant as our whole Cassowary Coast recovers and rebuilds after our latest cyclonic event.

    What a wealth of dedicated and talented people!! My sincere congratulations on your wonderful book and evening. Councillor Jennifer Downs – Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

  2. pearlz says:

    Thankyou for your support Jennifer, we are very appreciative of your response to the event, and very glad you enjoyed it.

    We look forward to making more books for our community and wider distribution of Under One Sky.

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