Winds of Words – Book Creator’s Circle Meeting in Cairns continued

IMG_1108  Kate Campbell-Lloyd, guest blogging for Licuala Writers.

Kate Campbell-Llyod grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for loya cane to weave into baskets.  She sings, gardens, teaches and makes baskets.

Kate Campbell-Lloyd continues a blog on Book Creator’s Circle meetings in Cairns,which she regularly attends on behalf of Licuala Writers.

21st May 2011  BCC conferencing @ Ridges Trade Winds on the Esplanade Cairns Speaker & Author

Megan Bayliss Megan was invited to be one of the two May BCC conferencing guest speakers, giving us insights into her life as a writer. About 25 of us sat around the tables on the veranda at Trade Winds with an apt wind blowing in our ears. It was almost impossible to hear what anyone was saying!

Megan enlivened our morning by sharing first up that she has had multiple marriages but only to one man at a time! As a child sexual assault therapist she has chosen to use a Pen name that is a protective cover for some of her current writing. She has been writing since she was a little girl long before she was introduced to the mechanics of writing. However as an academic writer who has written academically what she terms very ‘boring papers’, she finds that upon rereading them, she is wondering what they actually mean! The realization that her writing career ‘was boring’ fueled a career change geared for personal sanity! Megan has four children of her own and has written children’s books.

Megan gave us each an opportunity to speak about who we admired as a writer and what genre of writing we were personally interested in. There was a diverse range of writers at the table. The genres ranged from autobiography such as ‘life as a nurse’, to crime & public speaking for meetings, rhyming poetry & the writing of fantasy with a touch of reality. Some members of BCC are writing about romance and war, survival and recovery against all odds, values & respect for the individual, the environment and our wildlife.  Peace, with the emphasis on the need for peace politically in our world, is the strong impulse behind Letizia’s Book Creators Circle.

Megan emphasized the richness that there is in each of us and how much research and diversity there is amongst us within the BCC & its connected networks. Megan spoke about the practice of writing every day. For her she had to face the reality of her circumstances and choose a new job. Today she writes in a house style that is someone else’s academic style. She finds that it not only pays the bills but by assisting students with their academic study it has brought so much interest and research into her life that her creativity bubbles underneath her daily work and gives her source material that makes her write. Megan’s smile bubbles in the telling! It’s infectious. :

ROLAND BARTHES is Megan’s favorite Author.  Richard Howe is the interpreter of Roland’s book: The Death of the Author.

I quote him saying: “we know that to give writing its future, it is necessary to overthrow the myth: the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author.”

Megan Bayliss (BSW, Dip SOC, MAASW) Student Counsellor, Curriculum Writer, Manager of  The Junk Wave program for “students at risk.” My Other Mum Training College.


(c) Kate Campbell- Lloyd

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Six lies and one truth — about publishing

On Saturday 21st of May, around a dozen writers attended the Queensland Writer’s Centre Workshop hosted by the Tully library.  The topic ‘six lies and one truth about publishing.’  The majority of those attending were members of the Licuala Writer’s Group.

Paul Oliveri, a paramedic originally, and now active  freelance rural country writer was a warm and cheerful presenter who was open to audience participation and dialogue engaging with the various myths about publishing.  The group also discussed ebooks and the revolution happening in online publishing.

Participants in workshop

Photo Credit: June Perkins

I won’t disclose all those myths so that you get along to future workshops on this theme.  However we did explore why we write? the need to be careful with contracts if you are lucky and perserve enough to obtain one, and the need to have your pitch succinct and clear as you never know when you might have to share it.   A major thing shared was the need to draft, and redraft your book idea several times as without a finished book to take to a publisher all you have is an idea and no proof of committment to put that down on paper.

It was heartening to hear that there are many opportunities for emerging writers to have their books considered by publishers, many of which can be found through the Queensland Writer’s Centre.  Some of us were able to visit a cafe and have some further discussion with Paul, as regional representative of the QWC.  He encouraged us to make the most of online opportunities, and to put our ideas for workshops  to the QWC about a year in advance.  Some of us shared our interest in article writing, and short story writing, and were keen to find out about freelancing opportunities.

Photo Credit: Someone in Cafe?

Licuala Writers with Paul Oliveri


(c) June Perkins, words and images.  Reporting back on workshop.

June Perkins coordinated Licuala Writers from 2007-2011 and is commencing time as a guest blogger for ABC Open in North Queensland.  She has worked hard to develop Licuala Writers publishing platforms online, print and social media and was the coeditor and anthology project coordinator for Under One Sky.

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Book Creator’s Circle June meeting

Kate Campbell-Llyod reports back on the Book Creator’s Circle June meeting.

All members of Licuala Writers can attend these monthly meetings in Cairns.  Kate has made a special effort to make them and is our liason with Book Creators.

Letizia shared with us about the Book Creator’s Expo.

RYDGES TRADEWINDS – opposite St Monica’s Cathedral

The EXPO is about publishing and selling books. BCC invites all FNQ writers, their families and friends to the Book Creator Expo.  Letizia suggests “bring everyone”!

Letizia spoke of Professor Frazer as president of PEN and invited us all to go on line and see who and what writers’ are doing for silenced writers. We were reminded that the empty seat was for this silenced person. There is an invitation for us to become letter writers to about 1000 people who are in this position! According to David Hick’s presentation at the Sydney Writer’s Expo this Sunday; he was allowed 2 letters a week. These letters he tells us, plus the visit of immediate family and his lawyer, kept him alive:

Letizia advices us not to take things for granted. She hopes that we begin to see the vision quest that she has for BCC. Her warmth, inspiration and professional approach to us all as writers is magnetic.

Collins Book Store Smithfield Northern Beaches Cairns FNQ

Presenter Kerstin Brown owns the franchise and has created a Book Shop that has a FNQ reputation as the place for readers to go to find their book. Kerstin has book company reps from all over Australia that bring her books, many of them ‘out of the box’ books in non fictional and fiction genres!

Kerstin’s history perspective ranged from a hundred years ago when we had black and white cinema and theatre but today we have DVDs!  Having gone to a Lennard Coen concert last year she felt that we are coming full circle, realizing how the living atmosphere  experience & the tangible book will not disappear. The Irish Celtic Book of Kells was mentioned as a living book life style experience for the monks who created it.

Kerstin brought one of Geraldine Brooks book’s, Caleb’s Crossing. I had not heard of it but she used the story in the book to demonstrate how she thinks the book will never disappear but will change its persona to suite diversity such as books for audio and visually impaired, or to what might suite the traveler etc

Below I have included my search sites for anybody who may be interested in the changing face of the book!  Apparently there is yet to be a ‘system’ created for E Books and Kerstin inferred that chaos reigned within the E Books infancy. Many of you will already know what I don’t know!

EPUB became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007, superseding the older Open eBook standard:  &  Kerstin concluded that she doesn’t think the book will disappear and that ‘holding’ a book has value.

Kerstin is inviting writers to come and meet her and show her their publications so she can promote their book. The book world is in chaos at present with stores closing down. She believes that as writer’s book sellers need to know our book and see the book so they can promote our book. Promotion is difficult. Things are changing fast and book sellers are struggling worldwide.  Kerstin advocates a collective support from local libraries, book stores, writers and their groups in the form of the BCC Book Expo. This collective support network of writers groups in FNQ will thus be able to support the speakers who come up to the Expo each year. This keeps us positive and collaborative as writers.


RYDGES TRADEWINDS – opposite St Monica’s Cathedral

The two main speakers at this will be



Kate Campbell-Llyod grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for loya cane to weave into baskets.  She sings, gardens, teaches and makes baskets.

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Outlets for the Anthology

Click on this link to see where to purchase the anthology locally


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Kate visits Book Creator’s Circle Meeting

Kate Campbell-Lloyd is Licuala Writer’s Liason with Book Creator’s Circle .    I asked her to tell Licuala Writers about her first visit with the group to encourage our other members to attend.  Kate heads up there again in May and we look forward to her next report.

What was the atmosphere?

Meeting on time out on the veranda

In the wind looking on the silhouetted sea

Disguising mud into a darker sheen

In the company of creator’s smiles

Writing inward pleasures on our inner walls


What did you learn?

There is always an empathy chair at the BCC conferencing table for the writer in jail. The writer who has his hands tied because of who he is and what he stands for.

How a publishing company works and what genre they work in!

Letizia says that if there is a book inside us then she will assist us to ‘let it out’ & do as good a job as we possibly can.

BCC is about supporting each other as we support ourselves.

Success is what we all want.

How will it help our writers group?

Promote the Licuala Writers as an established writers group.

Sell the anthology.

Business deals in all sorts of publishing outcomes.

Put us in touch with other writers and artists of the craft  nationally and Internationally

Promote Licuala writers locally nationally and internationally.

Use of the blog and networking opportunities.

Joining individually and use the opportunity to establish ourselves as writers in our own right.

Follow the path toward publishing our own work using the BCC network.

Enable other writers or budding writers to hear about the writer’s networks and join in.

How will it help you?

With inspirations directions and possibilities unattainable once and now served to me on a plate!

Speakers and background, what did they share?
APR 16…2011 Guest Speakers



Margie introduced herself as a palliative care registered nurse, working as a pioneer who has during her life time of nursing, initiated a holistic approach to death and dying particularly with cancer patients.

She heard Elizabeth Kubler Ross on her Australian speaking tour in Brisbane. With the Venerable Pende Hauter she became a co-founder of Karuna Hospice in Brisbane Qld. This hospice provided ‘in the home’ service.

Margie is the founder of Bloomhill Cancer Help; an integrative medical model situated in Budrum on the SunshineCoast in Qld.

Margie is an advocate of the Silva Mind Control program and is currently in the process of writing several books.

These books could influence the changing face of Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine in Australia.



 ‘Circumstance is much bigger than my life’

‘Get the place & location right to move ahead’

David is a Bendigo banker whose clients become life long friends!

He met Letizia De Rosa originator of the Book Creator’s Circle through her father who was one of his clients!

He admires the author of the Harry Potter series and dedicates himself to writing everyday. Early last year his mother sadly died in the middle of this dedicated disciplined write a book in 30 days frenzy.  With his granny underwing and under roof; they are now editing backwards one chapter coming forward at a time!

He side comments that it’s easy to do the writing but the editing…..!? His aim is to be one of the writers launching his book at the Expo in September! He is obviously a local hero and his book for teenagers will be scary enough to scare them, so he tells me! I was found later on that day, sitting around my friend’s table talking up David as my possible new bank manager and she went wow! Do you know he gives CADCAI our Chinese cultural group, financial support?

CADCAI (Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc)

CADCAI has the largest collection of migrant Chinese artefacts outside of China. My friend became Qld Museum volunteer of the year 2010, for assisting the artefacts into a museum collection. David as customer relations manager for Bendigo Bank has been able to support the drive to house this collection on an old plot of land allotted to the Chinese community. He’s a man with a heart to be sure!

Kate Campbell-Llyod grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for loya cane to weave into baskets.  She sings, gardens, teaches and makes baskets.

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Launching Under One Sky, first book of Licuala Writers – May 5th 2011

A Guest Blog by Jennifer Morton

Production Team of Under One Sky: image by Lydia Valeriano.

Tara Webster, June Perkins, Daryl Dickson, Sal Badcock, & Pam Galeano

It was an evening full of words: spoken words, sung words and most importantly, the written words of the Licuala Writers first anthology, Under One Sky.

The turnout was fantastic with nearly 100 Cassowary Coast locals there to support such an essential night not only for our writer’s group, but for our community as well. It was a happy mix of writers, musicians, council members, artists, children, photographers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and literature enthusiasts.

After a welcoming hello from the Licuala Writers co-ordinator and anthology publisher, Dr June Perkins, the event was kicked off with an official welcome to country from Pastor Andy Family of the Djiru Tribe. He spoke of the history of his people and their collective love for this beautiful coastal landscape.

Next was a speech by MP Andrew Cripps. Andrew spoke highly of the book and commended Kate Campbell-Lloyd for her Tropical Feasts, a story about jack fruit that he felt a connection with. He also encouraged everyone to pay particular attention to Pam Galeano’s Hull River and Helen Pedley’s Seat of Knowledge, citing the entries as his other favorites.

Andrew Cripps, giving his ‘brief speech’ by Lydia Valeriano.

June then led us into the creative program with her remembrance of inspirations and the journey that she and the writers have experienced together. She went on to say, “This anthology is a journey through the sense of place of the Cassowary Coast. When we share stories, whether we tell them, write them or paint them, keep them to ourselves or publish them, we are in the process of understanding and making identity.”

Ben Perkins engaged the audience with his rendition of the guitar classic, Classical Gas. Later in the evening he would share the spotlight with his younger brother, Sandon for a duo of Wish You Were Here.  He also played guitar whilst local artist, Sal Badcock did vocals on a beautiful cover of Tears in Heaven.  Other musical entertainment included a song written and sung by June called Canopies of Light, guitar accompanied by Sal. From Little Things Big Things Grow, which June had dubbed the anthology’s theme song, was also sung by Sal with David Perkins accompanying on the didgeridoo.

Musicians make their contributions to the night: By Lydia Valeriano

Narrations from Under One Sky started with Kirsten Pilz reading an extract from her Learning how to Cope with Paradise. Other readings included: Pam Galeano’s Hull River, Carol Moody’s Riding Cassowaries, Jacque Duffy’s Monsoon Love, and June Perkins’ Fire Light Dreams – Global Stream and Larry’s Apology.

Lydia Valeriano, instrumental in venue liason and many administrative supports on the anthology project, pictured with Tara Webster and our major sponsor sign.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of these pics are by Ron Darlington, who kindly photo documented the program.   Also included are pictures by Lydia Valeriano and Pam Galeano.

During breaks in the program Sally Moroney, Tara Webster, Jennifer Morton and Pam Galeano were busy selling books, taking expressions of interest for Licuala Writers and passing out printed programs. There were 55 books sold on the night boosting the total sold so far to nearly 200. The book not only includes poetry, prose and memoirs but also illustrations by the very talented Sal Badcock.  Local photographers, Ron Darlington and Lydia Valeriano captured candid shots of the people and atmosphere. Many of the wonderful moments can be revisited on the Licuala Writers facebook page.

A backdrop slide show featuring words from the anthology with photographs was also on show during breaks from the main program.  This featured the work of many more writers from the anthology.

The evening ended with a big thank you to everyone that stepped up and made Under One Sky and the launch a success.  If nothing else, let this anthology remind us of this as Dr Perkins puts it…….

 “We are under one sky – we are one people and we can have a literary community that creates beautiful products our community can embrace”

Jennifer Downs, Councillor, commented the next day,“I was so happy to attend the opening of the launch of the Anthology – Under One Sky last night. I was awed by the talent of your group, but especially pleased to see the joy you all share in loving the written word. I could see how your shared passion that brings you all together provides a valuable network of community and support that is especially relevant as our whole Cassowary Coast recovers and rebuilds after our latest cyclonic event.  What a wealth of dedicated and talented people!! My sincere congratulations on your wonderful book and evening.

Whilst Tracey Chamlin, from Mission beach summed it up for most attendees “What a fantastic evening last night’s book launch was – wonderfully organised, great speeches, well-read book excerpts, and lovely entertainment. Well done Licuala Writers Group on a fantastic book launch and on self-publishing your first book. I look forward to reading it!”

The book is for sale at all the information centres of the Cassowary Coast, Jarra and Casket Newsagency, Tully, and Larsen’s Newsagency, Innisfail, as well as from the writing group and Mission Beach Arts Centre when it opens.

Sheridan the youngest author featured in the anthology with Kate Campbell-Lloyd, author of ‘Tropical Feasts’

Sally Moroney, Sheridan and June, prelaunch set up picture by Pam Galeano

This article was written by Jennifer Morton, Licuala Member and Local Freelancing Writer.

Jennifer Morton is a freelance writer. She enjoys being a mother, photography, travelling, yoga, and living a healthy and  full life. She loves to write about it all.  Her website is

Pictured Jennifer Morton reading her copy of Under One Sky
Image by Pam Galeano

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After Yasi

After Yasi

© Pamela Galeano – March 2011

I was tired of the monsoon

Exhausted by the monsoon

Grey with the monsoon

Today I feel a change

A cool change

A dry change

Blue arches over me

New greens kiss my eyes

Yellow light floods my body

Flirting birdwings brush my skin

And my soul sings

So our writers reflect on life after Yasi.  This piece by Pam reflects the hope that comes from acknowledging the new greens.  We have the solace of the returning animals and the capacity to be optimists.

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