New Space – This blog to be kept for Archival Purposes only

This post is to let you know that this blog is now kept only for archival/historical reference purposes.

This blog is not active.

You can presently find us online on facebook and a new blog may be opened if members ever wish to do so.  Until then enjoy the history of the Licuala Writers and what we have achieved.  You are welcome to visit our archival links here anytime.

We are now amalgamated with WINQ and are known as Licuala Winq, with a slightly modified logo. Our new social networking and blog curator will be Lydia Valeriano.  All the best to the new committee of Licuala WINQ who will be taking this writing group into the future.

2012 Committee Consists of

Chair- Jacque Duffy

Secretary/Blog/Facebook – Lydia Valeriano

Newsletter/Anthology Sales -Tara Webster

Treasurer – Barbara Bufi

BCC link – Kate Campbell Lloyd

General Member/Signatory for Treasury – Jean Vallianos

Signing out June Perkins



About pearlz

Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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