Reviews of Under One Sky – For Sale Now

Looking for a special Christmas gift, or a gift to remind people of all that is great and challenging about living in the Cassowary Coast.


Featuring fiction, memoir, and poetry by Cassowary Coast Regional Writers.   Edited by June Perkins, Pam Galeano and Tara Webster,   Illustrated by Sal Badcock 100 pages, black and white illustrations, colour cover. 

Perfect for Libraries wishing to stock Australian Liiterature with a strong sense of ‘place’, Ideal for bookshops in Townsville, Tablelands,  Brisbane, and Cairns wishing to promote regional literatures, great for Highschools stocking literature with regional country identity featured

Book Available at all information centres in the Cassowary Coast

Mission Beach Arts Centre- Mission Beach 

Jarra & Casket Newsagency- Tully

Larsens Newsagency – Innisfail

& From the Licuala  WINQ Writers (discount available for members)

Got the most beautiful book for Dad for his 85th birthday, and he loved it, “under one sky” by local writers and illustrated by the wonderful Sal Medwin Badcock. Dad loved it and said he would treasure it. Thank you Tara Webster for a wonderful idea for a special present. I had a look through it and it is a wonderful book and would recommend it to anyone wanting a special present for a special person in their life. Congrats to all involved is such a wonderful book.

–Vivienne, purchaser of book

This is a solid starting point, steeped in place and community, drawing on a small pool of talent in early stages of development.

Overall, Licuala Writers have done a very good job. I’m particularly impressed with the artwork — it’s been used very well, I think. Other strengths are some solid poems and some genuine insights into northern life and ecology, mostly clean copy editing and good use of space. It’s an attractive book, more- so than most small and self-published titles I’ve seen.

Overall, the copy editing was quite good.

The poetry, I thought, from purely a reader’s point of view, that June Perkins, Sophie Sam, Suzanne Smith’s works were excellent; Transience, Hull River, Pacific Ripples and Tropic Night came up well with the artwork – the artist is a treasure, in my opinion.

–Jason Nahrung, Editor QWC newsletter.


Under One Sky Writing the Wet Tropics


Edited by June Perkins, Pam Galeano,Tara Webster.

ISBN: 9780980731132

Writing is a solitary business so when a group of writers contribute to an anthology there is always cause for celebration.

Under One Sky brings the diverse voices of aspiring and accomplished Cassowary Coast’s Licuala Writers together in one book.  The contents of prose and poetry live up to the visually appealing front cover presentation.

Twenty three contributors of varied backgrounds and writing expertise fill the 98 pages which take the reader into the ambience of the wet tropics of Queensland. Given an informative introduction this book is accessible reading. It has interesting dimensions for those less familiar with the region transporting readers into the flora, fauna and the community life of the coastal tropics.

Gems of commendable writing calibre standout . Amongst these are pieces which move the reader emotionally as they focus on the cyclic seasonal effects of severe weather patterns. Flooding and cyclone drama and devestation come to mind in both Flooding Memories by Pam Galeano (37) and Learning How to Cope with  Paradise by Kerstin Pitz (14).

Other personal prose inclusions which draw on global experiences–Child  of Chernobyl by Deborah O’Brian (83) and Great Call of China, Adrian Walker (49)  are stirring in a contrasting fashion. Cutten Brothers by Peter Kellett (57)  is an historical narrative account which is both readable and revealing.

Much of the poetry included features descriptive imagery of the land and its inhabitants. Notable examples are Cassowary Rainforest Warrior Barbara Bufi (23) and Feluga Evening June Perkins (41) and Rivers Fall Down Mountains by Jacque Duffy (4).

All the poetry inclusions are creative works that bring enjoyment but like the prose offerings much is over written and could be tightened by attention to substantive self -editing. The most effective music of the coast comes across when captured in poems where lines are refined and less wordy. Music is marred by heavy punctuation and capitalised initial words which interrupt  the flow of suspensive pausing. Examples of poems that succeed in this anthology for me are : Hull River Pam Galeano (33); Sometimes…into orbit (Sally Moroney (70) and My Tribe  Lynda Valeriano’s list poem (78).   Seat of Knowledge by Helen Pedley (73) heads my favourite prose selection.

Whilst space does not permit mention of all styles and subjects of the contributions the writing of Sophie Sam gives the anthology an indigenous facet  Kalkadoon/Erub Woman (79) and the potential of young Licuala Writers is epitomised by Sheridan Perkins  in Nutmeg’s Journey(45). All in all Under One Sky is a successful and creative venture which will be well received by readers.

–Professional Reviewer-Hazel Menehira FTCL.

Reading the stories and poems in ‘Under One Sky’ has brought me back to Australia, my home for so many years.

I could smell the musty damp yet dusty sweetness of the forest, taste the lush and opulent fruits, see the exhuberant colours of the land again.

Thank you, writers of the enchanting words, for bringing that back to me. It makes reading of the book for both Australians as well as non-Australians a true exhilarating experience, and shows us North Queensland in all its robust, almost terrifying abundance.

–Paulien Bats, Holland, 26th July 2011

Love the book you have produced, and I have showed it to many.  Michael read Sheridan Perkins’story on the Children’s program, Spin-A-Tale on Community radio Hamilton here in New Zealand and all agreed it was a great story.

Gayl De Boer, Community Radio Programmer and Junior Youth Empowerment, New Zealand

Please note new blog to be launched soon by Licuala WINQ  in 2012- we’ll redirect and post information soon about amalgamation of the two groups.  Till then look out for your pdf newsletter from the lovely Tara.


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