Empty Chairs to … Caring Chairs


Photo Credit: By June PerkinsBook Creators Circle July Meeting: One of  Next Month’s Presenters and this month’s Chair, Hazel Menehira

An empty chair for writers who don’t have freedom was carefully placed at the head of the table where the Book Creator’s gather.  It is poignant to think of those writers who lose freedom for writing with heart and honesty at the hands of the authorities of their countries.

We gathered and networked at the Pool by Rydges, with BCC members who included Stephen Chong, who is running a story competition, for Overcoming Obstacles, in which the decision of a winner is to be announced at the upcoming Book Expo in September.  He later gave one last encouraging word to all members to encourage their friends and family with an inspiring story, no matter what their experience with writing, to submit work.

At this July meeting I was presenting, along with John Kemu; between us we decided Kemu would be first presenter, as he knew our audience better having attended several meeting.  This was my first meeting, although I have been in touch with Letizia a lot!  Hazel Menehira, gave a warm introduction to Kemu and spoke about his loyalty to Book Creator’s Circle (BCC) and some background to what BCC is all about especially for the benefit of first time attendees.

Kemu spoke about his passion for planet earth, and how David Suzuki, who has heard speak in person, is now inspiring his writing.  He passed out some interesting pictures and documents for us to consider, and had produced a booklet of an essay he had written on the matter ‘Our Planet, what Mankind is Doing About it,’ which was the basis of his talk.   Kemu spoke articulately about population pressure, pollution and development.

This was a great beginning as I was planning to speak about why we write and could reference Kemu’s obvious concern and passion for the planet as one of many reasons to write.  I chose to speak about: the secrets to have powerful words, the ways to have more time to write, and how to be inspired when we write. I quoted Maya Angelou as a great inspiration for writers and how they might treat their readers,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I touched upon the cyclone and what we had been through, my guest blogging for ABC in the Aftermath project, and shared a sample from  Licuala Writers anthology Under One Sky, and asked if anyone in the group was willing and had the expertise to do a review for us.  We had a taker!

Letizia de Rosa the director of BCC, knowing we had been knocked around by Cyclone Yasi still warmly encouraged me to see if anyone from our group might like to come and sell books at the expo and even offered a volunteer if we could get books and some posters and handouts on our group up to them, but she was sensitive to say she understood if this was going to be too hard.

The enthusiasm of the whole BCC group, for writing and the creation of books is unmistakable, and the September Expo is something they are working hard to get the wider community, Cairns and beyond to support.  We were given posters and fliers, and encouragement to let everyone know, friends in Cairns, visitors to Cairns – anyone with a love for writing, reading and books to get along.

There are some interesting speakers planned, including Spike Milligan’s daughter, Laura Milligan, herself a fine writer.

Everyone asked how our community was going, and passed their kind regards on to our writers and community.  They hope to meet more of our members at future BCC meetings.  They have enjoyed Kate Campbell Lloyd’s participation (Kate is our liason for Licuala Writers with BCC) in their meetings.

3RD SAT OF EACH MONTH 11am arrival


Licuala Writers and prospective members are welcome!

bookcreatorscirclecollagePhoto Credit: June Perkins: Book Creator’s Circle Meeting in Progress

Photos and Report by June Perkins, Licuala Writer Member and BCC Individual and Group Member.

June Perkins coordinated Licuala Writers from 2007-2011 and is a guest blogger for ABC Open in North Queensland.  She has worked hard to develop Licuala Writers publishing platforms online, print and social media and was the coeditor and anthology project coordinator for Under One Sky.


About June

Author empowering multicultural community and social change through inspiring multi-arts & intercultural stories
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2 Responses to Empty Chairs to … Caring Chairs

  1. Ms Junket says:

    Wonderful. It gave me goose bumps to read the community spirit in this post. Thank you, June ❤

  2. pearlz says:

    You are welcome Ms Junket.. it is great to know there are so many caring writers out there.

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