Six lies and one truth — about publishing

On Saturday 21st of May, around a dozen writers attended the Queensland Writer’s Centre Workshop hosted by the Tully library.  The topic ‘six lies and one truth about publishing.’  The majority of those attending were members of the Licuala Writer’s Group.

Paul Oliveri, a paramedic originally, and now active  freelance rural country writer was a warm and cheerful presenter who was open to audience participation and dialogue engaging with the various myths about publishing.  The group also discussed ebooks and the revolution happening in online publishing.

Participants in workshop

Photo Credit: June Perkins

I won’t disclose all those myths so that you get along to future workshops on this theme.  However we did explore why we write? the need to be careful with contracts if you are lucky and perserve enough to obtain one, and the need to have your pitch succinct and clear as you never know when you might have to share it.   A major thing shared was the need to draft, and redraft your book idea several times as without a finished book to take to a publisher all you have is an idea and no proof of committment to put that down on paper.

It was heartening to hear that there are many opportunities for emerging writers to have their books considered by publishers, many of which can be found through the Queensland Writer’s Centre.  Some of us were able to visit a cafe and have some further discussion with Paul, as regional representative of the QWC.  He encouraged us to make the most of online opportunities, and to put our ideas for workshops  to the QWC about a year in advance.  Some of us shared our interest in article writing, and short story writing, and were keen to find out about freelancing opportunities.

Photo Credit: Someone in Cafe?

Licuala Writers with Paul Oliveri


(c) June Perkins, words and images.  Reporting back on workshop.

June Perkins coordinated Licuala Writers from 2007-2011 and is commencing time as a guest blogger for ABC Open in North Queensland.  She has worked hard to develop Licuala Writers publishing platforms online, print and social media and was the coeditor and anthology project coordinator for Under One Sky.


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