Book Creator’s Circle June meeting

Kate Campbell-Llyod reports back on the Book Creator’s Circle June meeting.

All members of Licuala Writers can attend these monthly meetings in Cairns.  Kate has made a special effort to make them and is our liason with Book Creators.

Letizia shared with us about the Book Creator’s Expo.

RYDGES TRADEWINDS – opposite St Monica’s Cathedral

The EXPO is about publishing and selling books. BCC invites all FNQ writers, their families and friends to the Book Creator Expo.  Letizia suggests “bring everyone”!

Letizia spoke of Professor Frazer as president of PEN and invited us all to go on line and see who and what writers’ are doing for silenced writers. We were reminded that the empty seat was for this silenced person. There is an invitation for us to become letter writers to about 1000 people who are in this position! According to David Hick’s presentation at the Sydney Writer’s Expo this Sunday; he was allowed 2 letters a week. These letters he tells us, plus the visit of immediate family and his lawyer, kept him alive:

Letizia advices us not to take things for granted. She hopes that we begin to see the vision quest that she has for BCC. Her warmth, inspiration and professional approach to us all as writers is magnetic.

Collins Book Store Smithfield Northern Beaches Cairns FNQ

Presenter Kerstin Brown owns the franchise and has created a Book Shop that has a FNQ reputation as the place for readers to go to find their book. Kerstin has book company reps from all over Australia that bring her books, many of them ‘out of the box’ books in non fictional and fiction genres!

Kerstin’s history perspective ranged from a hundred years ago when we had black and white cinema and theatre but today we have DVDs!  Having gone to a Lennard Coen concert last year she felt that we are coming full circle, realizing how the living atmosphere  experience & the tangible book will not disappear. The Irish Celtic Book of Kells was mentioned as a living book life style experience for the monks who created it.

Kerstin brought one of Geraldine Brooks book’s, Caleb’s Crossing. I had not heard of it but she used the story in the book to demonstrate how she thinks the book will never disappear but will change its persona to suite diversity such as books for audio and visually impaired, or to what might suite the traveler etc

Below I have included my search sites for anybody who may be interested in the changing face of the book!  Apparently there is yet to be a ‘system’ created for E Books and Kerstin inferred that chaos reigned within the E Books infancy. Many of you will already know what I don’t know!

EPUB became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007, superseding the older Open eBook standard:  &  Kerstin concluded that she doesn’t think the book will disappear and that ‘holding’ a book has value.

Kerstin is inviting writers to come and meet her and show her their publications so she can promote their book. The book world is in chaos at present with stores closing down. She believes that as writer’s book sellers need to know our book and see the book so they can promote our book. Promotion is difficult. Things are changing fast and book sellers are struggling worldwide.  Kerstin advocates a collective support from local libraries, book stores, writers and their groups in the form of the BCC Book Expo. This collective support network of writers groups in FNQ will thus be able to support the speakers who come up to the Expo each year. This keeps us positive and collaborative as writers.


RYDGES TRADEWINDS – opposite St Monica’s Cathedral

The two main speakers at this will be



Kate Campbell-Llyod grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for loya cane to weave into baskets.  She sings, gardens, teaches and makes baskets.


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Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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One Response to Book Creator’s Circle June meeting

  1. Hello all Writers and Poets:
    Saturday, August 27th
    10 am -11 am
    at the
    Mission Arts Expo
    MARCS Park, Mission Beach

    Come one and come all,
    and Recite, Sing or Read your

    We can’t wait to hear them!
    Barbecue brunch and tea and coffee available.

    And that’s not all!
    Licuala Writers will be conducting ongoing writing exercises during the day,
    as well as several readings from their first anthology “Under One Sky.”

    Attached to this email are more details of all the exciting arts displays and workshops
    happening during the Mission Arts Expo over Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28.
    Bring along your friends and join us for a weekend of inspiration!

    Please forward to all of your networks.

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