Kate visits Book Creator’s Circle Meeting

Kate Campbell-Lloyd is Licuala Writer’s Liason with Book Creator’s Circle .    I asked her to tell Licuala Writers about her first visit with the group to encourage our other members to attend.  Kate heads up there again in May and we look forward to her next report.

What was the atmosphere?

Meeting on time out on the veranda

In the wind looking on the silhouetted sea

Disguising mud into a darker sheen

In the company of creator’s smiles

Writing inward pleasures on our inner walls


What did you learn?

There is always an empathy chair at the BCC conferencing table for the writer in jail. The writer who has his hands tied because of who he is and what he stands for.

How a publishing company works and what genre they work in!

Letizia says that if there is a book inside us then she will assist us to ‘let it out’ & do as good a job as we possibly can.

BCC is about supporting each other as we support ourselves.

Success is what we all want.

How will it help our writers group?

Promote the Licuala Writers as an established writers group.

Sell the anthology.

Business deals in all sorts of publishing outcomes.

Put us in touch with other writers and artists of the craft  nationally and Internationally

Promote Licuala writers locally nationally and internationally.

Use of the blog and networking opportunities.

Joining individually and use the opportunity to establish ourselves as writers in our own right.

Follow the path toward publishing our own work using the BCC network.

Enable other writers or budding writers to hear about the writer’s networks and join in.

How will it help you?

With inspirations directions and possibilities unattainable once and now served to me on a plate!

Speakers and background, what did they share?
APR 16…2011 Guest Speakers



Margie introduced herself as a palliative care registered nurse, working as a pioneer who has during her life time of nursing, initiated a holistic approach to death and dying particularly with cancer patients.

She heard Elizabeth Kubler Ross on her Australian speaking tour in Brisbane. With the Venerable Pende Hauter she became a co-founder of Karuna Hospice in Brisbane Qld. This hospice provided ‘in the home’ service.

Margie is the founder of Bloomhill Cancer Help; an integrative medical model situated in Budrum on the SunshineCoast in Qld.

Margie is an advocate of the Silva Mind Control program and is currently in the process of writing several books.

These books could influence the changing face of Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine in Australia.



 ‘Circumstance is much bigger than my life’

‘Get the place & location right to move ahead’

David is a Bendigo banker whose clients become life long friends!

He met Letizia De Rosa originator of the Book Creator’s Circle through her father who was one of his clients!

He admires the author of the Harry Potter series and dedicates himself to writing everyday. Early last year his mother sadly died in the middle of this dedicated disciplined write a book in 30 days frenzy.  With his granny underwing and under roof; they are now editing backwards one chapter coming forward at a time!

He side comments that it’s easy to do the writing but the editing…..!? His aim is to be one of the writers launching his book at the Expo in September! He is obviously a local hero and his book for teenagers will be scary enough to scare them, so he tells me! I was found later on that day, sitting around my friend’s table talking up David as my possible new bank manager and she went wow! Do you know he gives CADCAI our Chinese cultural group, financial support?

CADCAI (Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc)

CADCAI has the largest collection of migrant Chinese artefacts outside of China. My friend became Qld Museum volunteer of the year 2010, for assisting the artefacts into a museum collection. David as customer relations manager for Bendigo Bank has been able to support the drive to house this collection on an old plot of land allotted to the Chinese community. He’s a man with a heart to be sure!

Kate Campbell-Llyod grew up in Zimbabwe, spent her youth in England then migrated to Western Australia in 1970.  She moved with her family to North Queensland in 1980, looking for loya cane to weave into baskets.  She sings, gardens, teaches and makes baskets.


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Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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