Collecting Links of our Writers and the Cyclone Yasi

Yasi temporarily halted our anthology launch plans for Under One Sky, but  now we are about to begin working on this again.  We are feeling stronger!  We want to celebrate.  How happy am I that the anthology remained dry and well and my family, the anthology, and our writers are all safe, although we do have a lot to process from the experience, the aftermath and  hopefully the beginning of the healing process.

I am collecting links by our members and hope to feature guest posting on Cyclone Yasi and recovery here on the Licuala Writer’s site.

We are very proud of Lydia Valeriano one of our writers, and she was about to be featured on Out of Australia in an ebook by Professor Nell Arnold, but along came the cyclone.  So Professor Arnold created this ebook tribute with her photos.

There is another link from Lydia that I will add soon,  where she wrote after the cyclone in response to the tribute.

Carolyn Bofinger is a member of our facebook page and a local photographer.  She had these words of hope to say about the cyclone.

Jacque Duffy, a blogger, artist, coordinator of WINQ, and fellow writer was in the Cassowary Coast for Cyclone Larry and Yasi.  She recently reflected on it via the sense of smell.

Sue Wickes, an online marketing wizz, and recent member of our group also shared her feelings about it all online.

This from Daryl Dickson, our prepresss layout,  illustrator of many of Pam Galeano’s books and wildlife artist.

Now some of you know I love to blog, but blogging, and writing about something is also a way to sort out how you feel about it.   Here are links to some of my posts.

On the cyclone itself

On finding out we had to leave our home

The loss of our bird

Some wonderful angels

Saying goodbye to a  beloved tree.

The birds returning

Missing my garden

On what happens as you begin to heal…

I have to give a big thankyou to writers who became family.  Tara put my family up for three days after the cyclone.  Lydia helped us move things in a ute from our sodden house.   Thankyou so much.  Jacque Duffy has also been tremendous in her love and support of our group, and we have received messages from Tropical Writers, Queensland Writers Centre and others.  These really lift us up and help us keep going.

We feel writing can play a huge part in the healing and recovery process. Writers, artists, song writers, can celebrate the memories, process the fear, and lead the way in expressing the way we will journey into the future of forming a  Cassowary Coastal Identity.

Take care everyone, travel well!  Keep sending your writing links in and we will share some of them here.

I know many of you are writing to heal, I encourage you to keep on writing.  From such events we find the power of words to do their thing often increases rather than diminishes, although words with actions are the most powerful of all.

————June Perkins


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Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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4 Responses to Collecting Links of our Writers and the Cyclone Yasi

  1. finally arrive somewhere out of know where to stay

  2. pearlz says:

    Kate glad to see you visit the blog and leave a comment, not sure what your comments means you’ll have to tell me next time you see me (:
    but it did make it on, I moderate the blog but it comes up instant once I know who you are and that you are ‘spamming us’ otherwise we’d end up with so much spam….

  3. out of know where looks to mean no where
    but learning to blog
    somehow brings you from out of no where onto a page
    as if you suddenly appear out of no where
    but I am coming from ‘know where’ because I am old enough to know
    where I am coming from
    I am a very first blogger and its amazing to suddenly see ones comments public
    and out there going somewhere….like a ripple on a pond
    so its awesome & yet scarey to me!

  4. pearlz says:

    yes world identity on a writing global stage, it is what you make of it.

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