Local Writing Meetings — additional Monthly meeting on Weekdays

Members at weekend meeting: discussing what we can learn from films /screen writing & sharing favourite writers

We now have monthly meetings in Tully’s Dorothy Jones, library.    The next one will be held on Thursday the 14th of October (although usually they will be held on Wednesdays) 1.30-3pm.

Our library meetings will be for reviewing work circulated to our group a few days before the meeting to read.  To join this group you need to have a piece to submit for review at some stage (it can be at any stage of development), and be able to offer constructive and helpful critique to others.

If you want to attend you email your piece to the coodinator who will then forward it to other members attending to read.

We still have our monthly Saturday group running and this is well suited for beginners to creative writing and includes some very keen writers.  A meeting is sheduled for late in October, contact us for details and times.  The program varies from prompts to workshops facilitated by members of the group or visitors.

October 9th we will have a special extra meeting which is a rehearsal for any anthology participants who wish to represent us in promoting it  (venue to be confirmed probably Malanbarra Midja, Plum St, Tully).  Some drama training/coaching will be provided.

For any further information email —— junepaisa99@yahoo.com.au


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Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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