Licuala First Book nearing launch – preorders available now!

We are pleased to announce the near completion of the Licuala Writers First Ever Book

Featuring fiction, memoir, and poetry,

composed by Cassowary Coastal Regional Writers aged from 10 to 70 years.

Under One Sky covers the breadth of the landscapes of the Cassowary Coast, from mountains to ocean, leaves to rain and coral to cane; all under the one sky. Stories and poems capture monsoons to humidity, crocodiles to geckos, a wide range of birds and plants, young love to everlasting love, the search for paradise and visions of where people have come from and where they are going.  Just how do residents of the cassowary coast connect to Africa, China, Italy, Russia and Kiribati? Readers may be surprised.


(Recommended retail at $25)

$19 (if pick up from launch or writing meetings)

$22 (if posted i.e. $3 per book p & h)

120 pages, black and white illustrations, colour cover.

If you wish to order leave a message here and we will get back to you with an order form and payment details.

(c) June Perkins, on post and (c) Sal Badcock on cover, all rights reserved.


About pearlz

Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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