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It’s been a busy time so the blog hasn’t had much action, but just popping in to let you know how we are all going.

The writing group had its regular meeting  on the weekend.  We had a lot of apologies but not to worry there was an enthusiastic energy as we discussed loglines, photography, and story ideas.  It is always extra fun to catch up in person with our writers in the group.  We are surely comrades in writing.

This month Pam made a presentation to Tully Lionesses about self publishing and shared about the anthology project.  Tara successfully gained some funding from Bendigo Bank, and we notice that one of our newest members is having several pieces published in the local newspaper, good on you Anne.  Lydia is following up on some of our sponsorship offers.

The anthology has received a number of sponsors, Tully Lionesses, WINQ (Innisfail writers group), Tully Welding, Sabi Solutions, Jean Vallianos, Pam Galeano, and now Bendigo Bank and of course our major sponsor Arts Queensland and the Local Cassowary Coast council, through RADF.  Malanbarra Midja has also been a huge help and C4,CRACA and Malanbarra have hosted our monthly meetings

Our facebook postings are a bit more regular than our blogs now (:  but we don’t twitter.

As for the anthology we are well into editing, typesetting, design and liasing with printers and informing all our successful authors of their inclusion.  A title is almost finalised and we are well on the way.  It is so exciting!

This weekend June Perkins will join the Tropical Writers in Cairns, to read a poem she has included in their new anthology, Cracks in the Canopy.  She is both excited and a little nervous to be joining the Cairns literary scene.  In October more of  our local writing group and our friends will be reading at the Tropical Writers Festival.

There have been some offers to write for the blog, so we look forward to hearing from those people – and the offer to publish on our blog (subject to review) is open to all our members.

Our next meeting is not yet finalised as we have a busy time during Sept-Oct with festivals, and book creators circle expo and several other events.  We may book a couple of meetings not on weekends but will let you know what is in the works!  We are hoping to announce the launch for the anthology  very soon-  So do watch this space!!

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