Anthology news – In search of title…

The Editorial team for the anthology has made our first short list.   We will be announcing successful submissions at the end of the month.  We have enjoyed reading all the submissions and we thank everyone that put something in.

We hope writers will not be too disappointed  if they do not make the anthology, as it does not mean your work is without merit.  We have limitations of space, and are wanting to put an excellent and attractive to the reader publication out.  Some work is suitable for publication in other places but maybe not our anthology- it may not have addressed our stated theme.  Some topics were popular so we had to chose the one which we felt best fitted our anthology and ensure we covered a variety of topics from the whole area.  By setting a high standard for the first anthology we hope to do future collections that will be well loved.  Please everyone persist with developing your writing.

We will contact you in due course if your submission has been successful.

As a general comment we found that those people who were already members of writing groups in the area had obviously worked on their writing and editing a great deal and we’d encourage people to consider joining writing groups as a way to learn more about writing and test their pieces more prior to submitting work anywhere.

Our illustrators/designers are also moving into creation mode in response to the submissions.

David Conley, author of a journalism textbook and former journalism lecturer, is assisting us with the process of prose selection for the anthology.  We are very thankful for his services.

We are in need of a title for the anthology please feel free to offer suggestions.  Title should reflect something about the Cassowary Coast Area, inclusive of all, and roll off the tongue with ease and musicality.

We are compiling a list so send your ideas in or leave them on our facebook page.

NEXT WRITERS MEETING  AUGUST 28th SAT 1-3 Malanbarra Midja, Plum St.


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