Submission Form for Anthology (Collection of Stories /Poems/Memoirs) Available Now

sunbird in flight

Sunbird in Flight by June Perkins

Submission Form Available Here

Submission Form

Poster to publicise Anthology available here

Call Out for Stories – Cassowary Coast Anthology- Poster

Writing Prompts Available HerePrompts for Anthology Theme

This week we have had two great workshops preparing potential submissions for the collection of writing based in the local area.

It was a glorious day down at the C4 ( who always put out cool water in jugs for us when we meet down there) and we reflected on and brainstormed around the following categories.

  • local events
  • local objects/things/animals
  • adjectives that describe the area
  • global connections

We then followed this with afternoon tea, and then a writing sprint, inspired by our earlier discussion.

Earlier in the week some of the Mums of our writing group got together at Malanbarra Midja and met with some of the awesome people there.  We had an exercise on reflecting on our identity and all the different things we think of when we think about the Cassowary Coast area.  We have such variety, from rainforests, cane country, small town away from coast, and the ocean and beach.

We had quite a discussion on the wildlife of the area, from sunbirds, to geckos and cassowaries.

All sessions were highly enjoyable and stimulating.  The discussions will hopefully prepare our members and friends to have some devoted writing time to put together their submissions for the collection.

Anyone wishing to know more about our meetings  please just contact us, via the website, or our facebook page, we have a couple more scheduled for this month and next June, all of which are prior to the submission date for the anthology.

We would especially like to encourage submissions from all sectors of the community, whatever your culture, or community organisation.

How many submissions can you make?

No more than three pieces please. Submit your best work.



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