Next Meeting

Our next meeting is at the C4 theaterette, Mission Beach 1-3pm 18th April 2009.  Bring along any writing you’d like to share.   Our Word event is scheduled for 19th Sept 11 am Tully – more information will be available soon.   Please mark this date in your diary and keep it free.

WINQ writing group have been letting us know about events in Innisfail and a workshop from visiting Interative Press authors and publishers may be happening in June.    They have an anthology that will be released soon (well done WINQ!)  At our March Meeting it was exciting for Licuala Writers to have a visit from a Cardwell based writer who has now become a member of our group.

Our last writer’s meeting was very enjoyable, with nearly everyone sharing a piece of writing- those who didn’t have a chance are first up next meeting.  We were treated to a travel writing piece for sailors wishing to explore the Pacific, a sneak preview of an upcoming children’s book, a piece about writing rhyming poetry, an example of group writing from an old people’s home, and a prose piece from the perspective of a camera.

As well as this we had some discussion about writing memoirs, collecting stories about flooding for the tourism centre, our planned Word Event and the ways to supportively critique and have worked critiqued  by others.  Some of the group recounted their recent inspiring visit to the WINQ writing group.

In the past we have had various triggers for writing, and in this session we had a go at writing something where everything is a lie, and a to don’t list.  People shared some writing triggers and there was a  brief discussion of short story writing.

And last but not least, everyone shared a cuppa and some fruit, cheese and biccies that we had all  brought along.

We always welcome new and old members. Don’t be afraid to unleash that writer within- that is one of our major goals.  This group is open to you from wherever you are on your writing journey.  We provide regular emails of opportunities for writers and we’re looking forward to developing other projects and our networks.


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Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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