Free Associate Membership

Licuala writers live in the Tully/Mission Beach/Cardwell areas. We are offering free associate membership to interested persons who don’t wish (or are currently unable) to become full members. All you need is the interest and an email address. We are compiling an associate members’ email list. These emails will be infrequent. They will inform you of our plans and invite you to participate in our projects.

Licuala Writers are currently planning two major projects:
• The publication of our first anthology in 2010 which we will put out every two years (bi-ennial )
• A family ‘word sharing’ event for September 2009. We envisage a cultural afternoon incorporating storytelling, poetry…

If we have excited the writer or performer in you, please make contact.

Our next meeting is 28th of March 2009, at the CRACA space, next to the Tully Post Office, 1-3pm.  At this meeting writers will be sharing samples of work they are currently completing.  Writers of all levels of experience always welcome.


About pearlz

Concerned for wellbeing, especially of the heart and soul through poetry, photography, community and film.
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