We congratulate Pam and Daryl

We congratulate Pam Galeano, a Licuala Writer Member on her upcoming launch.

‘Glissandra the Glider’ will be officially launched Saturday May 10th at 11.00 (10.30 -12.30), the launch is hosted by CRACA.

‘Glissandra the Glider’ is a children’s picture book written by Pam Galeano, illustrated and formatted by Daryl Dickson, and self-published.  Both women are local and the book was printed in North Queensland.
Pam Galeano was born in North Queensland and has lived at Lower Tully for over 40 years.  She is married to Joe Galeano and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.  Pam is a retired primary teacher with a 30 year medal from Education Queensland.  In 2000 she wrote the Information Booklet for the primary level Education Kit, ‘Mahogany Glider: Rescue the Ropedancer’.  She plans to publish more picture books.
Daryl Dickson is a well established professional artist who lives within glider habitat in the Kennedy Valley with husband Geoff Moffatt.  Daryl was born in London but has lived in Australia since 1961, and in North Queensland since 1993.  Her passion for Australian wildlife is evident: most of her artwork depicts the fine detail of Australia’s beautiful and unique flora and fauna.  In 2001 Daryl received an Australia Day  Award for her work in environmental education, wildlife rescue and her pioneering work in rearing endangered Mahogany Gliders.

(Excerpt from Invitation from CRACA to the event.)


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